Resolve family conflict in an amicable and cost effective manner.

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Family Mediation Services

Divorce Done Right works with families to resolve family conflict and disputes in an amicable and cost effective manner to help clients achieve a Successful Divorce™.

Our divorce and custody mediation service utilizes highly experienced, impartial, Divorce Done Right approved mediators to help divorcing couples get from one end of the divorce process to the other. The process is characterized not only in saving our clients time and attorney fees but also greater communication with less adverse impact on families.

How We Can Help

Our family mediators at Divorce Done Right will mediate any issue involving families and/or children.


Child Custody Mediation

Divorce Done Right provides parents with an opportunity to ease a family’s tensions through the early stages of a separation or divorce. Custody is often the first area where a separating family with children can benefit from mediation. Our Mediators have served many families by mediating the custody issues that arise.


Co-Parenting Mediation

This type of mediation is used by parents who are already divorced or by parents who were never married. It provides a venue for continued discussion and resolution of issues that arise related to your children as they grow older.


Divorce/Separation Mediation

Are you both clear that divorce is your best choice? Divorce Done Right Mediation can be the best place to discuss this. Mediation can provide you with an opportunity to be heard, make decisions, and gain clarity. For some, this will begin the divorce process, and for others, it may lead to other options such as family counseling to explore reconciliation.


Equitable Finances

Our Mediators provide the opportunity for divorcing couples to navigate their way through dividing all of their assets and liabilities. Regardless of the amount of assets and liabilities that are at issue, the mediation process is effective.



Parent/Child Relationships

Divorce Done Right Mediators provide parents and children with an opportunity to resolve their differences. This can be a very beneficial type of mediation before, during, or after a divorce or separation. Sometimes having a voice and being heard in mediation can open the channels of communication between parents and kids.



LGBT Mediation

Divorce Done Right is proud to provide our unique tools for conflict resolution to the l\g\b\t community. We believe in equality for all, as well as the importance of teaching tolerance and incorporating this important value into each of us, whether it relates to our ethnicity, gender (or gender identity), or sexual orientation.


Child and Spousal Support

Mediation with Divorce Done Right provides divorcing couples and unmarried parents with an excellent opportunity to address their financial support needs or obligations, including the amount and length of payments. Decisions can be made about child-related expenses, such as extra-curricular activities, camp, and unreimbursed medical\dental expenses.

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Step-Family Issues

Families can mediate issues arising after a new marriage with Divorce Done Right. This includes mediation of issues related to your separated family once you or the other parent remarry or cohabitate. Also, blended families can benefit from mediation as an opportunity to communicate about the new challenges arising with this new situation.


Mediation for Unmarried Couples

Divorce Done Right Mediators have experience in mediating for clients who never married and who face any of the issues outlined above.

They are excellent. Very professional, very knowledgeable about the law & straight to the point. Attorney saw us after hours and took extra time on our first meeting because he wanted to make sure we understood everything. Very happy with this firm.

The mediation process helped to improve our communication leading to better decision making. This decreased the emotional tension in the household so our children were then able to focus on themselves.