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How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

So, maybe you want to know how the DivorceDoneRight process works? Let’s start at the beginning:

There are four ways for you to initiate contact with DivorceDoneRight:

You can learn about mediation in a discussion with a DivorceDoneRight intake specialist, someone who is familiar with mediation and our nine Mediators. Several of our intake specialists are bilingual.

If you are interested in mediation with DivorceDoneRight and would like your spouse or partner to learn about us, e-mail any page on this site to him/her. To do this, simply click the button at the bottom of each page that says, Finally, you can always contact your other party and suggest that they get in touch with us by using any of the four options suggested above.

Once you both decide that mediation with DivorceDoneRight is for you, allow us to recommend one of our experienced Mediators who we believe will be the best fit based on your needs and priorities. If you would prefer, you can choose a Mediator based on his/her profile, which can be found under the “Bio” tab on this website.

If one or both of you are undecided about mediation, you can request a mediation orientation with any of our mediators at a reduced fee. This is ideal for couples who want to learn more about mediation itself, who want to meet their mediator before proceeding, and who would like an opportunity to ask questions about any aspect of the process. If you choose to proceed with mediation, you can begin at the end of your orientation session or schedule your next session at that time.

You and your Mediator will work out the details of scheduling, length of sessions, and the location of your mediation. Generally, sessions are scheduled for two hours, but our goal will be to accommodate your needs. Every effort is made to keep the number of sessions to a minimum while insuring that both parties feel empowered by having their issues “heard,” explored, and resolved.

Upon resolution of all issues, a Memorandum of Understanding can be drafted by your DivorceDoneRight Mediator. This Memorandum will summarize all agreements and can be used as a basis for a Settlement Agreement.

Even after the divorce is final, parties can return to DivorceDoneRight for mediation of recurring or new disputes or co-parenting issues.