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Services for LGBT Couples

DivorceDoneRight provides conflict resolution tools specifically for LGBT couples. Mediation with our experienced professionals is a highly effective way for couples to make decisions regarding conflict in their relationship. Our mediators will custom-tailor their services to meet your unique needs and reach the best outcome possible.

Dividing Property

When you’ve decided to permanently separate from your partner, there are many facets of your property and assets to consider. How you want to divide them is up to you, and our mediators will help you put everything on the table and come up with a fair solution. Property and asset-related factors to discuss include:

  • Division of property including real estate, household items, vehicles, etc.
  • Division of bank accounts, retirement funds, investments, timeshares, etc.
  • Estate planning

Each couple has an individual set of assets and debts to discuss when separating. Not all of these factors will apply to your specific situation. At the same time, you may have unique factors to work out. Our team will ensure everyone is on the same page.

Resolving Family Conflict

For couples who do not have the benefits afforded by a legally recognized marriage, additional complexities arise when working out family-related conflict. Our lawyers and mediators facilitate decision-making and assist couples with creating legally binding agreements in the following areas:

  • Child custody and terms regarding vacations, transportation, etc.
  • Parenting plan for day-to-day decisions, household rules, discipline, etc.
  • Visitation by immediate and extended family members
  • Child support

Once you have reached an agreement regarding your children, parenting, and other family-related decisions, your lawyer or mediator can draft a Memorandum of Understanding to summarize these terms. You’ll then be able to incorporate this document into a legally binding agreement.

Before You Commit

Before making a lifelong commitment to your partner, you might opt to discuss an agreement regarding ownership of the assets you purchase and the liabilities you incur before and during your relationship. This type of agreement can be invaluable in the event you separate.

Further, a living will is a valuable document to have. Without this legally enforceable agreement, there’s a chance your partner will have no role in the decisions that need to be made for you, should you become terminally ill and\or incapacitated. Our professionals can help you come up with the exact terms of your living will, so you can take charge of the decisions that you would want made.

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Working with the mediators at DivorceDoneRight can ensure you develop effective and legal contracts to protect your rights. We can help you sort through your individual concerns and make decisions to relieve anxiety and uncertainty, so you can instead focus on the future.

Protect yourself and your loved ones with the support of professionals who can make a complex process advance as smoothly as possible.

They are excellent. Very professional, very knowledgeable about the law & straight to the point. Attorney saw us after hours and took extra time on our first meeting because he wanted to make sure we understood everything. Very happy with this firm.

The mediation process helped to improve our communication leading to better decision making. This decreased the emotional tension in the household so our children were then able to focus on themselves.