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“The mediation process helped to improve our communication leading to better decision making.”

This decreased the emotional tension in the household so our children were then able to focus on themselves. —Sally, Divorce Done Right Client

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Benefits of Divorce Mediation
Avoid costly court battles & angry settlements

Divorce Mediation

At Divorce Done Right, we will help you get divorced quickly and inexpensively. With the help of our mediators, you will stay control of the decisions that are made, keep your costs down, and remain focused on your future instead of your past.

Mediation is designed to keep you in control of your divorce.  You are in the best position to know what you want and need, not a judge or a lawyer, so you should be making the decisions.  Our mediators are trained to assist you in having difficult conversations and collaborate with your spouse or partner to find solutions that will work for both of you.  Divorce Mediation takes place in a confidential setting that allows you to discuss difficult and sensitive matters and create lasting agreements about property distribution, support and alimony, and parenting arrangements.  Our mediators support constructive communication and collaboration.  Our mediators help identify the key issues that need to be resolved and work with you to find the best alternatives for all involved.  Divorce Done Right also assists you in finalizing your divorce.

Divorce Done Right offers divorcing couples a variety of services to get divorced in least painful way possible for you, your spouse or partner, and your kids. Whether you are interested in divorce mediation, divorce representation, have an uncontested divorce, or any other needs related to your divorce or separation — we can help.