Our Goal

Divorce does not have to be a never-ending process. Your family can emerge feeling content, whole, and ready to handle life on the other side.

divorce-without-lawyers No Legal Battle
peaceful-resolutionPeaceful Resolution
lawer-costLower Cost

How We Can Help

Our team is committed to fairly practicing the law and resolving your biggest concerns in one place. We can help you through family law issues including:


Child Custody

We provide parents with an opportunity to come to a fair custody agreement.

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We assist parents who are already divorced or were never married.

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We can start the conversation about whether divorce is really your best choice.

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Equitable Finances

Divorcing couples can navigate through dividing their assets and liabilities.

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Parent/Child Relationships

We can provide an opportunity to resolve parent/child differences.

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LGBT Conflict

DivorceDoneRight™ provides unique tools for conflict resolution for LGBT couples.

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Child and Spousal Support

We assist spouses and parents with coming to an agreement regarding support.

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Step-Family Issues

We help families overcome unexpected issues that arise after a new marriage.

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Why Choose DivorceDoneRight?

Hiring a family lawyer is a tough decision that will undoubtedly have a considerable impact on the outcome of your case. The following are eight qualities you should look for.


  1. Vast Experience
  2. Affordability
  3. Tireless Legal Work
  4. Relief of Client Stress
  5. Narrow Focus
  6. Regular Communication
  7. Excellent Reputation
  8. Trust and Cooperation


They are excellent. Very professional, very knowledgeable about the law & straight to the point. Attorney saw us after hours and took extra time on our first meeting because he wanted to make sure we understood everything. Very happy with this firm.

The mediation process helped to improve our communication leading to better decision making. This decreased the emotional tension in the household so our children were then able to focus on themselves.