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Divorce Done Right provides families with customized solutions to help them overcome their legal issues as efficiently and successfully as possible. Whether their case involves divorce, child support, custody, or any other family-related legal matter, we educate our clients about their options and guide them through the process.


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The goal of Divorce Done Right is to build a network of firms that offers extraordinary legal assistance in every state in the U.S. We’re partnering with like-minded family law attorneys to help us provide couples and families with high-quality, customized, and dependable legal solutions. We need more top-notch lawyers like you on our team.

Do you believe each couple and/or family deserves a customized approach to reach the best resolution possible?

Can you imagine the referral benefit of a nationwide network of attorneys?

Do you want to offer clients meaningful and powerful legal solutions without reinventing the wheel?

If you’re an attorney who shares our vision, we want to discuss the benefit of partnering to build your practice and expand our services to clients.

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Take on more family law cases now by joining Divorce Done Right. We are a growing network of law firms and attorneys in many states. We have a streamlined process that allows our partner firms to focus more on practicing law and less on the burden of client retention and administrative tasks.

When you join Divorce Done Right, our team will take care of the following for you:

Marketing to potential clients
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Support for technology integration
Support for technology integration

If you are interested in taking on more family law cases in your area (but not in building a website and managing intake and administrative duties managing a law firm), Divorce Done Right might be the answer.

You’ll be able to grow your practice and work alongside a highly-respected network of family law attorneys. You can do what you do best and let our team handle the rest.

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You went to law school to practice law. Join the Divorce Done Right team to instantly become part of a network of lawyers with decades of practicing power, exceptional marketing strategies, and a meticulous administrative team.

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