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05 Nov 2015

Checklist for Planning Mediation on Child Custody Issues

What is Divorce and Custody Mediation?

MIt’s something that every parent has heard over and over, but it bears repeating again: every effort must be made to protect your children from the toxic effects of a family breakup. Separation and divorce in Pennsylvania and other states are difficult enough on children under the best circumstances. Special delicacy is needed to prevent a divorce from inflicting lifelong damage on a child. (more…)

05 Jun 2013

Pennsylvania Divorce Rates Low but PA Mediation Utilization Rates Are Up

Pennsylvania may have one of the lowest divorce rates in America but the rate of mediation services used by divorcing couples is on the rise. There’s no question that divorce can be ugly. But it doesn’t have to involve a lengthy and expensive courtroom battle.  Mediation services can help divorcing couples resolve issues and keep divorce costs down.

Divorce causes people that are already hurting to hurt even more. Innocent bystanders (such as children) suffer from what can become deep wounds. Even with troubled economic times taking a toll on relationships, the division of property, child support, custody, debt responsibility, and other issues all still have to be dealt with. No, ore than ever, there’s a a marked increase in people utilizing divorce mediation services so that they don’t have to spend crazy amounts of money and emotional resources on thier divorce. In fact, some divorce lawyers now specialize in divorce mediation services! (more…)