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02 Dec 2016

What Issues Can a Divorce Mediator Help You Resolve?

In a mediated divorce, you and your spouse can discuss the financial arrangements you want to make as you transition to the next chapter in your life.

Instead of competitively trying to win a legal battle, you will collaborate on making a financial arrangement with your spouse that sets you both up for a more peaceful transition and positive future.  You will do so with helpful guidance of a trained Divorce Mediator.

Here are some examples of the subjects that are often addressed in divorce mediation:

05 Feb 2016

Use This Checklist to Prepare for Property Division in a Mediated Divorce

When it comes to dividing the property during a divorce, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania follows the “equitable distribution” rule that most states have adopted. All the marital property is divided in a way that the court considers to be fair, which doesn’t necessarily mean equal. In a litigated divorce, the judge will listen to arguments from both sides about why marital property should be divided in a particular way, and then issue a ruling based on his own interpretation of what is fair under the circumstances.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Couples choosing a mediated divorce in Pennsylvania have the power to divide the marital property any way they please. A signed agreement between the parties will be submitted to the court, and that becomes part of the final divorce orders. (more…)

05 Feb 2016

Are You Being Led Astray by These Five Big Myths About Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation in Pennsylvania has so many obvious advantages—cost savings, speed, convenience, and emotional satisfaction—that it’s sometimes hard to understand why more divorcing couples don’t use it.

But a lot of our Pennsylvania family law clients resist the concept of mediation. They know that a formal litigated divorce will be tense and unpleasant—and far more expensive—but they fear that a mediated divorce settlement might be even worse. (more…)

05 Oct 2015

Conflict Coaching

Years of experience providing mediation and family law services for hundreds of couples have taught us that unequal power relationships are an underlying problem for many—perhaps most—unhappy partners.

One partner is so determined to get his way, no matter what the cost to the relationship, and the other is too willing to sacrifice her values or goals for the sake of outward harmony. Over time, resentment builds, pressure grows, and eventually there comes a bursting point that may be expressed in separation, divorce, public humiliation, or even domestic violence.

05 Jul 2015

Finding the Right Divorce Mediator

The Right Mediator is Essential for Effective Divorce Negotiations

Separation or divorce signifies a major transition in your life. By its very nature, a divorce period means extra tension and stress in your life. Unfortunately, that tension can easily work against your best interests.

Too often, divorce attorneys try to capitalize on the anxiety of clients whose marriage is falling apart. By encouraging suspicion and deceit, these attorneys convince their clients to mount an aggressive court battle over property and child custody. In the end, the attorneys emerge as the only winners from such a conflict, because confrontational litigated divorces boost the lawyers’ billable hours. (more…)

05 May 2015

A Mediated Divorce Settlement Doesn’t Work for Every Marriage

Everyone has heard horror stories about divorce proceedings that have gone wrong: the legal process dissolves into an ugly, embarrassing spectacle that seems just a step short of a brawl. No, we’re not talking only about celebrity divorces: this happens to real people every day.

A few experienced Pennsylvania divorce attorneys know that the problem can do too far in the opposite direction, too. Sometimes a couple will “mutually” decide on a low-key, “cooperative” divorce without any help from an attorney. They think they can handle the paperwork and decision-making without any supervision. Too often, one spouse is much more assertive than the other, and uses that leverage to dominate the divorce process. As a result, the less-assertive spouse agrees to a grossly unfair division of marital property and parental responsibilities. (more…)

05 Dec 2013

Using Mediated Divorce As a Tool to Handle All Essential Issues

A litigated divorce in Pennsylvania is the most formal way of ending a marriage—and the most expensive. Each spouse bears the cost of hiring a lawyer and paying for depositions and the discovery process. The attorneys may consult with accountants, auditors, child-care authorities, physicians, and other professionals—and each one of them will need to be compensated (and paid even more, later on, if they are called as expert witnesses at a trial). When all is said and done, all the expenses may significantly deplete the family’s assets.

There’s a cheaper way. For some couples who are planning a Pennsylvania divorce, it’s often a much better way. (more…)