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27 Nov 2016
Divorce Mediation

Equitable Distribution Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Equal Distribution

Pennsylvania law requires that the marital property of a divorcing couple be divided according to the principles of equitable distribution. Equitable distribution sounds like equal distribution but it actually means something different. In the case of a Pennsylvania divorce, equitable distribution does not mean equal distribution but rather fair or reasonable distribution.

Understand How Your Marital Property Will be Divided. (more…)

10 Jan 2014

Divorce Done Right in the News

DivorceDoneRight is an innovative company that has become the market leader for resolving family conflict and disputes in an amicable and cost effective manner. Our divorce and family mediation service utilizes highly experienced, impartial, Mediators to help divorcing couples get from one end of the divorce process to the other. Below are links to publications which talk more about Divorce Done Right. (more…)