Divorce Done Right History

Divorce Done Right is composed of attorneys, mediators, psychologists, and financial planners who can suit any divorcing couple’s needs.

The Divorce Done Right (DDR) team guides people through the divorce process using a constructive and collaborative approach, which allows the parties to stay in control of the decisions that are made. Couples are offered multiple avenues to proceed with divorce, and they are advised and thoroughly guided to make the most informed choices possible.

Since 2006, DDR has helped more than 10,000 individuals end their marriages in a constructive and forward-looking manner.

DDR helps couples work out the terms of their divorce, including property, parenting arrangements and custody, child and spousal support, and alimony. The goal of DDR is to spare others from the pain and mental anguish of divorce and help clients reach more peaceful and mutually beneficial agreements. That way, each party can more successfully move on with their lives. The methods the team employs tend to save divorcing couples a lot of time and money, as the process toward resolution is as efficient as possible from day one.

DDR is run by Thomas Petrelli, an attorney with over a 16 years of experience. Tom and the team at DDR are thought leaders in the field of divorce law. They teach university law courses and train others in innovative and highly effective divorce methods. For their outstanding representation, the professionals at DDR have received many distinguished awards and recognition from their peers.  They hold leadership positions in state and national organizations, and receive referrals from judges, lawyers, mental health professionals, and court-sponsored programs.