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Our ResolutionRepresentation™ attorneys are seasoned, well-respected advocates and trial lawyers who know how to communicate and work toward resolution. They work hard to protect their clients and will not back down when their clients’ rights and/or entitlements are at stake. Our legal team will concentrate on finding answers, not on arguing or creating tension between divorcing parties.

When it all started you thought you’d be together forever, but as you have come to realize, not all things are meant to be. Sometimes, divorce is inevitable.

As you struggle with the many emotional aspects of divorce, you also have to deal with time-consuming and complicated processes and paperwork. There are also many questions that need to be answered. How will custody of the children be determined? Will we keep the house and if so, who will stay in it? What about child support?

ResolutionRepresentation™ can help you through this difficult time and help make sense out of the confusion.

  • When necessary, your attorney will represent you vigorously and stand up for you as your advocate.
  • Your attorneys will act on every opportunity to help you and your spouse reach resolution by concentrating on dialogue and communication.

ResolutionRepresentation™ attorneys verses traditional Divorce Attorneys

ResolutionRepresentation™ attorneys recognize that divorce is one of the hardest things that families will ever have to endure. They pride themselves in offering ResolutionRepresentation™, by doing everything possible to minimize the pain of a divorce. While your attorney can’t control your spouse’s attorney, they will do everything they can to diffuse tension, emotions and problems, even if your spouse’s attorney is intent on fighting.

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